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11 June 2009 @ 09:32 pm
wow its been so long since i posted here! sorry guys! :( i promise to be more active now that summer has started :D

i kinda gave up on my graphics...still create once in a while...these days am crazy abt photography, love love love! i've always been crazy abt photography but am staring to explore my camera more and hopefully getting an SLR soon :D

anyways i'll update this thing soon, so sorry for being so inactive :(
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02 August 2008 @ 01:00 am
Yes Yes... i finally got my copy! got it around 12:05-ish! *wheeee* rad the first chapter...:D gonna finisht the book tonight!

if nessie is real - SMeyer - suffer my wrath!!!!  e
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21 July 2008 @ 06:48 pm
Finally i plucked up the courage to change my layout...first time looking at the codes...hehe figured it out...after alot of experimenting! and got it! yaya!! 

Ft. Twilight- my neverending obsession! :D 
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14 July 2008 @ 11:56 pm

Well, i feel like updating my journal- no creations this time though (actually i changed my mind - there are some under the cut) - just me!

hmm so i'm having a boring summer - with some fun once in a while- hate the fact that i'm away from all my friends :(
but making new ones is ALWAYS ver FUN! (yeah right) hehe anyways i'm starting to write a novel! i need to do something with my werewolf fizxation- they come in my dreams every night! and now i've convinced all of my guy friends that i'm dating Jacob! and them being oblivious to Twilight beleive me! yes i know poor them!

i cant wait till august 2nd! actually 1st! me and my MOTHER, yes mother, are going to downtown vancouver to get my book- since the scene would be more fun there, i designed a couple of t-shirts - that i'm gonna print out and wear one, and alse make my mom wear one (she isnt a twilight reader, but she knows abt it through me - alot abt it!)

i watched Jaane Tu.. a couple of days ago - it was a pretty good movie- really light and fun! i recomend all my desi friends to watch it- if they still havent

Saw Wall-E, and MAN! i loved it! it was soo good, i didnt expect the story to be like that, it was such and unusal twist to what i was thinking, and it was amazing - it made me all nostalgic, and teary...i fell in love with Earth...i took my 2 eleven year old cousins to it- they didnt get it much- age matters :p

gonna watch Dark Knight on thursday night - cant wait- i heard they are showing the 2nd twilight teaser and the 1st Harry Potter HBP trailer! YAY! double treat- no actually Triple Treattt! 

Okay so as i mentioned earlier i made some t-shirt Graphics- and am gonna post em below - if anyone wants to use them - tell me - no copyright required- all i ask is that u tell me that u will print it out-  Twilight Ahoyy!

Below the cut- 
50 Icons-
x4 Jaane tu ya Jaane na
x1Coffee stock
x45 twilight

x9 T-shirt Graphics
x12 Jaane Tu ya Jaane na Banners

xx Love

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def werewolves, i seriously have a soft spot for furry animas, espcially wolves, and come on, hot guys who turn into woloves, that's like a double treat! yay. and if this has anything to do with twilight- i think almost everyone that knows me, knows that i love Jacob Black to death! so point rested- me loves werewolves more. They have more sexiness in them :p it's not that i have a problem with vampires, i love both, but i prefer werewolves more! :D And this just goes to show that i have serious problems...its 3:40 AM and i'm up writing this.
Vampires or werewolves?
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